The Light facilitates deep personal transformation. Many people experience varied altered states of consciousness during Light journeys. This reflects everyones own changing inner awareness.

In a recent article, Psychedelic researcher David E. Nichols is pushing back against the belief that the pineal gland in the brain produces mystical experiences because it creates a powerful psychoactive substance called N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). You can read his article here or continuing reading below of real stories of those who sat under the light which activates the pineal gland.

"I was completely captivated by what I saw in my minds’ eye. A series of patterns occurred — it appeared I was being told a story.”

“Childhood memories flooded back. Moments long forgotten. I wrote for hours, tears streaming down my face.”

“It took me right back to the exact time when I first saw the LIGHT and every part of my body felt it. Magical. Heavenly”

“With the help of technology, my mind and body explained everything.”

“One of the best experiences of my life and I am almost 60.”

“My second experience was humbling I didn’t see the same imagery as the first time, I was aware of being taken on a journey. This time I was in space. I wasn’t alone.”

"Using the light I was able to immediately drop-into an altered state of mind where I saw beautiful shapes and colors. These led me to experience a single bright shining light, that for me was “the source”. I came out of the short 10 minute light journey with a sense of wonderment and clarity."

"The light turned my eyelids into a movie screen where a light show the likes of Disney’s Fantasia played out. When it was done I felt clear, grounded and ready for the day!"

"The light therapy with calming music and my imagination put me me in a travel mode - I saw valleys and canyons in New Zealand, mountain meadows in Switzerland  and cascading rivers in Japan. All this was in light colors and from high above. The whole trip was 12 mins, but felt like 5. Would love to do it again!"


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